Sunday, May 18, 2008


Found an interesting new blog yesterday, with a great post on consent. We need more men in NZ speaking up about the practical implications of consent, in terms that show the simple humanity of the idea (and conversely how non-consensual acts deny the image of God in the other, although I doubt Ari would use those kinds of words).

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Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Ari ;)

Yeah, I wouldn't use those words, but probably for a different reason than you think- I tend to avoid religious metaphors and terminology unless someone needs them to understand because I'm a self-acknowledged heretic, and people can react badly to hearing what they think of as their own words being twisted in ways they're not supposed to be ;)

I'd likely use words like "humanity", "personhood", "agency", and "self-sovereignty" to describe the concept you're talking about. :)

I also agree we need more men speaking out on this sort of thing. Men who ignore other men's scary attitudes towards rape, uncertain consent, and violence against women are subtly contributing to the status quo, where abusive relationships are just left alone.