Thursday, September 6, 2007

Travel preparations

With less than a week remaining until I go to Dunedin, my preparations lag somewhat. My friend who had offered me a bag to stow the bike in for flight had misunderstood that I needed to carry the thing around. He has offered me some cardboard bike boxes, and perhaps I can make the cardboard work as a bedmat then re-assemble at the airport. Other schemes are also being hatched.

Several times I've thought it would be nice to take my trailer and use it as a frame to box the bike, but a) it is probably too heavy, b) it still awaits painting, and c) there are a couple design changes that would make it easier to use that way. An interesting idea for my next trailer...

I'm having a second crack at snack making, having chopped the oats much finer this time. Hopefully this will make them closer to the 'quick oats' in the American recipes I'm using.

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