Monday, May 18, 2009

Catching my breath

This weekend I took a respite, and boy did I need it. I'm supposed to take time off every 3 months, but went to China in November and then had an assignment that soaked up a week's holiday in Te Aroha in March/April. In between I've been pushing one commitment too many, and haven't had time for optional extras like blogging. Nor has there been much bike activity to blog about, although I did see a few bikes in China.

Back to the weekend... I read a bit of SF, and got a good start on Subverting Global Myths by Vinoth Ramachandra. Paul had recommended it, and the library helpfully got it in for us. Ramachandra is Sri Lankan, and writes from his experience working across Asia, but that is less prominent than I had expected.

On Saturday I rode out to Te Atatu with a friend to watch somebody I didn't know play soccer, and meet somebody else I didn't know - so nice to just do simple things. That evening a group of us popped into town to see the Town hall all lit up as a promotional event.

I also moved to a new level of comfort with some nearby friends who I stayed with. It was a bit strange being so close to home, but nice to be able to pop in for new jeans after sitting on the damp grass at the soccer. Thanks to all the friends from church who helped Heather while I was away, even when they saw me coming and going on the same street.

Hopefully I'll be back on my feet for a while, and you'll see a few more posts again.

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