Monday, May 18, 2009

Mea Culpa

Today I forgot to swap my front light onto the bike I rode to work, and then left my reflective vest hanging in the locker room as I set off for home. I'd worked a bit later, and a rainstorm came in, making it too dark to be on the road without lights.

As I rode past the zoo, a lady coming the other way realised she'd missed her street and did a 3-point u-turn. I would have been t-boned if I hadn't noticed and sped up, or if she'd come in faster and braked late and hard. I got a bit of a shock, but feel bad that she will have had one too. She slowed down and encouraged me to get some lights, but without the aggressiveness that you might expect from many drivers after such a fright.

I do have a second front light, but can't find it anywhere. Maybe it's time to face reality and get a new one.

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